The capable Subaru Forester proves that not all AWD systems are created equal


When we say that Subaru vehicles are class leaders, you may think that we're just exaggerating for dramatic effect. You know, like they're great cars and crossovers, but they're not going to be winning any contests. But as it so happens, we mean "class-leading" very literally, as their inimitable blend of safety, sportiness, spaciousness, surefootedness and stylishness works to rank these vehicles above its less capable competition.


The Subaru Forester, for instance, recently came out on top in a battle of the all-weather brawn, where Consumer Reports® pinned the latest Forester against its Honda and Toyota rivals -- the all-wheel-drive CR-V and RAV4 -- to see which could keep its cool in a snow-covered showdown.


Needless to say, there's no surprise ending here because the Forester wins the match without much of a fight from either player. You can watch the footage via the video below, and feel free to stop by the showroom here at in Louisville, KY to see it in action firsthand.

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