Canines and compacts -- The 2015 Subaru Impreza was engineered to share


When you think of a compact sedan or hatchback, you probably imagine something that's not particularly passenger-friendly. Sure, there are ultra-slim vehicles out there that are more for seating a party of one than a family of five, but Subaru's popular compact car isn't one that should be enjoyed alone.


The smooth, sporty 2015 Subaru Impreza was engineered to be shared with friends, furry or otherwise. You've probably already head that the brand is big on the canine crowd, and the company drives that point home in one of its latest commercials, which signs off with the hashtag #MakeADogsDay. The Impreza will certainly give your dog his day with a comfortable ride, available leather upholstery and automatic climate control, the option of a sunroof, and standard all-wheel drive to get him wherever it is he wants to go.


See how one man chose to use his Impreza to give his dog the weekend getaway of a lifetime when you check out the video below. If you're interested in beginning your own Subaru journey, feel free to drop by Neil Huffman Subaru in Louisville, KY to browse what's on the lot, speak with our personable sales staff and take your favorite models for a spin.

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