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Meet Our Louisville Subaru Sales & Service Team

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  • David Nelson
    General Sales Manager

  • Terry Isaac
    Sales Manager

  • Terence Cecil
    Sales Manager

  • Jeff Pence
    Used Car Manager

  • Greg Chernak
    Service & Parts Manager

  • Anita Morales
    F&I Manager

  • Randy Sims
    Certified Sales Consultant

    My name is Randy Sims...I've been with the Neil Huffman Group since 1996 and with the Subaru Brand since 2009.  I spent 3 years in the US Army in Germany and 18 years with Black and Decker, in purchasing, before that. I've been married since 1978 to my wife Donna and we have 2 children.

  • Leilani Hart
    Certified Sales Consultant

    I was born and raised in Louisville and I grew up in the Valley Station area. This is where I attended Valley High School in 1995. I knew when I graduated I wanted to be a cosmetologist because I absolutely love working with people and for almost 18 years I was full time at it, while owning my own shop. I found myself never getting out of my house which is where my shop was located and I decided to look into a 3 day part time job elsewhere.  I ventured out to speak to Kent Foushee the GM here at Neil Huffman. He is a longtime friend of my family of 20+ years and I thought I'd ask him if he was hiring part time. The BDC department was needing some help so this is where I landed myself 3 days a week for about a 1 1/2 years while still doing hair, selling AVON, and taking care of a special needs young lady 2 times a week. During my new part time work hours, I truly found myself getting nosey looking out on the showroom floor watching how fun it looked to deal with the public and get them super excited about such an important investment to their family. One day our sign outside said "Hiring Sales Associates" so  I went to Chuck Norton and asked him if he would get me trained. He said he would have done that the  2nd month I was here! I was super excited that he felt that way and could see my drive to work with the public, but he said I'd have to give up my other jobs obviously and become serious about it, because it was a full time position. He said I had to give him 2 full months to decide if I liked it, and If I didn't he would give me my BDC position back. Well I was HOOKED! I love my customers and seeing the joy on their faces when they give me that last smile while shaking my hand goodbye, and holding their new keys in the other, gives me the most satisfying feeling within me that I can't explain. This  year of 2016 was my full year out on the Sales floor and I am so proud to say that I WON SALESPERSON OF THE YEAR!  This was such a huge accomplishment for me and I, alongside of my family and close friends are so proud of this. For this to be my first year out on the Sales floor and win, was super exciting but to also be the first WOMAN AT NEIL HUFFMAN SUBARU to accomplish this was an even bigger goal in my heart. I do work a lot of hours which is normal, so I definitely take advantage of my off days where I find myself 21 years later in 2016 with my high school sweetheart, his  3 beautiful children that we have full time right along the side of my 3 babies. We have 6 wonderful children in the house and one on the way that will be due in  September 2017 to complete us.  I am right at 3 years almost with the Huffman Group and I look forward to many more.

    2016 Awards 
    Sales Consultant of the Year

  • Robin Mcdonald
    Certified Sales Consultant

    I am originally from Owensboro, Kentucky and have lived in Louisville most of my life. I started working with the Huffman Group in 1978 and have been active in the car business for 18 years.  I raised 3 wonderful sons and have 3 dogs that keep me busy in my spare time. I have worked with Kentuckiana Pug Rescue over the years, love boating, cooking and gardening. Come see me!

    2017 Awards 
    February Sales Consultant of the Month 

  • Donnie Pruitt
    Subaru Love-Encore Specialist

  • Angel Sanchez
    Certified Sales Consultant

  • T.J Jackson
    Certified Sales Consultant

    I'm TJ  Jackson and I grew up in Charlestown, In. I went to Indiana University Southeast and studied Business Marketing and Management and also sales. I first started my sales career at Mitsubishi store in Clarksville then moved to Neil Huffman in December of 2016 and have been with Neil Huffman Subaru since then. I am also currently in the Indiana National Guard. I enlisted in February of 2014 when I was 17 years old. I have had great experience from the military and would not change anything about my decision.

  • Wendy Goodwin
    Certified Sales Consultant

    Graduated from Presentation Academy and the University of Louisville.  Have done a little of everything over the course of my career, from being a flight attendant to living on a top sail schooner and sailing from Key west to Nova Scotia.  Cars sales is a new adventure and I am learning.

    2016 Awards 
    December Sales Consultant of the Month

    2017 Awards 
    January Sales Consultant of the Month 

  • Anna Parker
    Certified Sales Consultant

  • Brooke Wallace
    Internet Sales Coordinator

  • Adam Sellers
    Service Advisor